Chair 4 is being replaced with a new fixed-grip triple!


Check out the photos & video of the entire construction process!

Type of lift:

250 Alpha 80
Fixed Triple Chair


 The Poma Crew was busy hanging the chairs on the new Chair 4.  More chairs will be added today, load test will happen Thursday.  Chair 4 is almost completed!



Check out the Harvest Moon over the new Chair 4! Photos: Dustin Schaefer


The new Chair 4 towers are completed. Check out the footage of the helicopter flying the towers to their new home.   Photos: Ken Papaleo


The concrete work is completed! The helicopter was busy flying buckets of concrete to each new tower hole.  The chopper will be back next week to fly all the towers to their new home!  Check out the foot age from the busy week on the mountain.


The helicopter just landed!  The Poma crew is getting ready to pour concrete to all the tower holes.  This will be a very exciting process of the Chair 4 construction.  We'll be sure to get lots of video and photos.  Stay tuned for updates!


Lots of progress with the new Chair 4!  The bottom lift terminal is almost completed.  Check out the new video of the helicopter flying the gravel and forms!


The Poma crew and helicopter pilot were busy at Loveland Ski Area.  Today they flew up some forms and gravel.  They should be ready to fly in the concrete next week.


The new Chair 4 lift towers arrived at Loveland Ski Area.  It's just a matter of time until they're flown up by helicopter to their new home on the mountain!


The Poma crew finished digging all the holes for the new Chair 4.  Things are starting to move fast and taking shape up on the mountain.  Check out the new video!


Just edited and posted a video of the last couple towers being removed.  The Poma crew is now digging the new tower holes and tearing out the old lift shack at the top of Chair 4.   More pics and video coming soon!


Our crew tore down the last four of the old Chair 4 towers today.  The Poma crew is now here and busy working on the new Chair 4!


Mr Bullwheel was trucked in today!  There should be more and more parts coming in each day! THings are about to get exciting.


Poma arrived at the ski area today.  We also started to see parts of the new Chair 4 come in!  Not too long until the major work begins!


Goodbye bottom lift terminal! Our crew knocked the bottom lift terminal down.  Later this summer you'll see the new building!

Today the crew at Loveland removed the lift towers from Chair 4.  Our Trail Maintence crew used the snowcats to pull them out.  That side of the mountain looks totally different without Old Chair 4.  Once all the snow melts, we'll be busy building the new Chair 4.


All the chairs have been removed and taken to the bottom of the mountain.  They're are ready to be sold and picked up!


Last Chair! These two ladies won Loveland Season Passes for 2011-2012 for being the last two people to ride old Chair 4.