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Another morning of snowmaking on Home Run. Looks like a cold front is moving in Sunday. Our snowmakers should be able to bust a lot of this out next week.

We're hoping the weather cools down so we can make snow and open these gates for the 2014-2015 season. This weekend was too warm for our snowmakers to make snow. Do your snow dances and send some winter weather this way.

Mother Nature is throwing another curve ball at us.  Looks like temps might be on the warmer side the next few days.  We're keeping our fingers crossed for low humidity and low temps that way we can get a wet bulb temp low enough that allows our snowmaking team to make snow and finish up Home Run.  We'll keep you updated on any snowmaking news we get.

Congratulations to our neighbors Arapahoe Basin Ski Area on their Opening Day announcement! Our snowmakers are still working hard to get Loveland Ski Area open for the season. We'll keep you up to date on our progress and any Opening Day news as we get them. We'll be open soon, we promise!


10/15/14It was too warm last night to turn the snow guns on. The Trail Maintenance Crew is busy pushing the snow out on Catwalk and Mambo. We're hoping temps drop tonight so we can turn the snow guns back on and start working on Home Run. Stay tuned!

It's looking so good up on the mountain. Our snowmaking crew has been making snow for 55 hours straight. Still lots of work to be done, but we are getting closer to Opening Day! The temperatures are warming up a bit, but our snowmaking crew will continue to work around the clock making snow as conditions permit.

It was a great weekend of snowmaking at the mountain. The temps got down to the low teens last night and our snowmaking team had a very productive night. Mother Nature chipped in with 8" of snow and it looks and feels like winter! We should have more information about Opening Day later in the week.

Our snowmakers are back on track making snow.  Temps were perfect early this morning to turn the snow guns back on after a five day delay.  Tonight and this weekend look promising for snowmaking.  Check back Monday to see how the weekends snowmaking went!

Welcome back Mother Nature! It's starting to snow hard at the mountain. They're calling for 2"- 4" of snow tonight and our snowmakers hope to turn the snow guns back on in the next 24-48 hours. Do your snow dances!


Our snowmakers are still waiting on temps to drop in order to turn the snow guns back on.  The next few days don't look promising but we're hoping maybe Friday, Saturday or Sunday will  be a go.  Keep checking back for updates. 


Friday and Saturday were strong days for snowmaking.  Sunday it warmed up at 10am and we had to shut down the snow guns.  Our snowmakers are on standby waiting for the weather to cool off.  The next few days don't look too good, but we're hoping to resume operations later in the week.

The snowmakers have been hard at work and the snow guns have been going all day!  It's been a great first day of snowmaking.  Check back Monday for updates on the Weekend snowmaking progress.  For more info this weekend, check our Facebook page

Mother Nature delivered 7 inches of snow to the slopes of Loveland Ski Area over the past three days. Not to be outdone, Loveland's snowmaking team fired up 17 snow guns last night and began laying down some manmade flakes of their own.

Loveland Ski Area's snowmaking team took advantage of the cold temperatures last night and began making snow on Catwalk at the top of Chair 1 at 7:00pm. Snowmaking crews will work their way down Catwalk to Mambo and Home Run covering this top-to-bottom run with tree-to-tree coverage for Opening Day 2014.

"Our first night of snowmaking was very productive," said Bobby Babeon, trail maintenance and snowmaking manager. "Mother Nature got us off to a good start and our team is ready to finish the job. We will keep making snow around the clock as conditions permit and the slopes should be ready for the first skiers and riders in just a few weeks."

It typically takes about two weeks for Loveland's snowmakers to cover the 1,000 foot vertical run with an 18 inch base for opening day. Last season Loveland Ski Area started making snow on September 27 and opened on October 17. Loveland is expecting to open in mid-October.

"While most people dream of a white Christmas, here at Loveland we are focused on a white October," said John Sellers, marketing director. "The natural snow we received gave us a bit of a head start this year and now our expert snowmakers are chipping in to prepare the slopes for opening day. We look forward to starting up the lifts for all the skiers and snowboarders that have patiently made it through another long summer."

Four more inches fell on Loveland last night and more is on the way this evening.  The snowmakers hope to turn on the snow guns any day! 

Last night Loveland got a nice dusting of snow.  Our snowmakers are hoping to fire up the guns later this week.  Loveland is still tracking for a Mid Oct opening.  Keep checking back for updates.


Looking at the forecast for the weekend, it is unlikely that we will be able to start making snow. We want to make sure we maximize our production efforts and we will not get the cold temperatures we need to do that. Next week looks better and we will get started as soon as Mother Nature says we can. We are still on track for a mid-October opening and are excited to start another season! Check back for updates and have a great weekend!
The snow guns are ready to be moved up the mountain.  Our snowmakers will be making their way back from New Zealand by the end of the month, so we hope to start the snow guns up by Late Sept/Early Oct.  Keep checking back for updates.

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