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Chair 2 opened yesterday so we are now running 3 chairs at Loveland Basin.  Snowmakers are still working hard to get more terrain open off Chair 2 and Chair 6.  Hoping for lots of snow this weekend which will help a lot!  Loveland Valley is coming along nicely and will open on Friday, November 18th!  Think snow!!


Chair 1, Chair 6 are open!  Chair 2 will open this Friday!  The snowmakers are busy at the Valley making snow off Chair 7.  They are also blowing snow in the park off Lower Tempest.  Good work snowmakers!


22" of snow fell on Loveland Ski Area this week!  What a way to start out the season.  If this keeps up more trails and lifts will be opening soon.  The snowmaking crew and snowcats are busy off Chair 6 trying to get it ready for the season.  Chair 6 opening is right around the corner! Stay tuned!


Ski Patrol opened Lower Richards today!  The snowmaking crew is busy making snow off Chair 6.  Big storm rolling in, this should help a ton!  Stay tuned!



Loveland opened Spillway on Friday!  We're hoping to have Lower Richards open this coming week.  The cat crew will start pushing all the snow tomorrow.  We'll keep you posted.  The race course off Chair 3 is open for the season.  Race teams from around the world will train here early season.  Dial 303-571-5580 x 169 for race lane information/reservations.


After a week of round the clock snowmaking Loveland opened for the 2011 - 2012 Season on Friday, October 14th!  Catwalk, Mambo, and Homerun opened with an 18 inch base and tree-to-tree coverage to make a nearly 1000 vertical foot run at a length of almost a mile.  Not only did we open a sweet cruising run with great coverage, but we also opened with 4 terrain park features including rainbow rails and butter boxes.  With temperatures in the 50's this weekend it's sure to be a great time to get out on the hill, although slightly warm for snowmaking.  Snowmaking will continue as temperature allow with more terrain openings coming soon.  Be sure to follow us on Facebook or sign up for our E-Newsletter to be the first to find out about terrain openings.



First day of the season!

Opening Day Terrain Park!

Mother Nature has teamed up with our snowmaking crew to make the last 4 days very productive! The guns have been blowing snow since we turned them on 4 days ago. 24/7 snowmaking mixed with Mother Nature dropping 6 inches of early season snow has made the 11/12 snowmaking season a good one!  We'll keep you posted with any opening updates!


Here are some pics from the first day of snowmaking 2011. 


Mother Nature just hit Loveland with an inch or two of fresh snow!  The temperatures have also dropped and our snowmaking crew fired up the guns at 2:00pm today!  Opening Day is just around the corner!  Stay tuned for pics and videos of our snowmaking efforts.  LET IT SNOW!!!!


The snowmaking crew is on standby.  Temps were too warm last night to start the snowmaking process.  We're hoping tonight or tomorrow will be a different story.  Keep your fingers crossed!


Temps are too high to make snow.  Our snowmaking crew is ready to rock n roll!  Let's hope the temps drop at night.  Stay tuned for more updates.


Mother Nature dropped snow on Loveland Ski Area today.  Snow fell most of the day today.  Think snow!!


Loveland's snowmaking crew made some final tests on the snowguns today.  The temps are dropping and snowmaking is right around the corner!  Mother nature could drop some snow the next couple nights!



The snowmaking crew tested the guns out today..All systems are a go! Get ready! We should be making snow in 3-4 weeks.  Keep checking back for updates!

We're 52 days out from snowmaking! The temps dropped into the 30's this weekend.  Things are starting to get busy here at the ski area.  Opening Day will be here soon!

It's July 12th and we thought we would get the countdown to snowmaking going!  We'll keep you up to date on all the snowmaking/opening day happenings here!  Keep checking back once we turn on the guns for video/photo updates.  Snowmaking is right around the corner!  Think snow!

                                       BELOW IS THE 2010-2011 SNOWMAKING PROGRESS

What a week!  Not only have we received nearly 4 feet of new snow in the past week, but the terrain openings just keep coming.  Today we opened Chair 4 and tomorrow we open Chair 8!  All this terrain and it isn't even December yet!  Come out and enjoy some of the best early season skiing and riding conditions possible, only at Loveland Ski Area!


Loveland Ski Area has received 44 inches of snow in the past 10 days and will open Chair 4 tomorrow, Saturday, November 20th.

Chair 4 will be open to the mid-way station and will give skiers and riders access to Creek Trail, Lower Creek Trail, Failsafe Catwalk, Perfect Bowl, Scrub, North Chutes, Fail Safe Trees, Sunburst Chutes and Splashdown.

"All the new snow has everyone eager for more terrain," said John Sellers, Marketing Director.  "Getting Chair 4 open before Thanksgiving is huge.  Last season we didn't see much snow in November, but I think we are making up for it this year.  And then some.  The early season conditions are the best anyone can remember."

This week Loveland Ski Area dropped the rope on Cat's Meow, Busy Gully, Tiger's Tail, Holy Cat, Catwalk Trees, Fire Cut, Bennett's Bowl and The South Chutes.  Chair 7 at Loveland Valley opened today providing beginners access to Take Off and All Smiles.  The Loveland Ski & Ride School is fully operational and offering their full menu of lesson programs for all ages and abilities. 

With the opening of Chair 4, Loveland Ski Area will be running 5 lifts accessing 49 trails and 557 acres of terrain.  Chair 4 opened on January 6th last season. 

"Once we get Chair 4 open we will focus on getting Chair 8 ready," said Bob Magrino, Director of Mountain Operations.  "The coverage looks good and there is more snow in the forecast so Chair 8 could open early next week." 

This is also the last weekend to purchase Loveland's unrestricted 4-Pak.  Loveland's 4-Paks are actual tickets that can be used on 4 separate days or all on the same day, any day of the season.  They are available online at for $119 through Sunday, November 21st.  Front Range skiers and riders can also visit Larson's Ski & Sport in Wheat Ridge this Saturday and Sunday between 9:00am and 5:00pm where 4-Paks will be on sale for just $109. 


Loveland has been getting slammed with snow!  Nearly 3 feet in the past 72hrs!   Ski Patrol dropped the ropes on Cat's Meow and Busy Gully under Chair 1 and South Cutes off Chair 2.  Check out our Shots of the week for some great pictures and whck out this new POV video shot during the first runs on the steeps.


The snow keeps falling and the conditions keep getting better and better. Snowmaking continues at the Valley on Twist, Switchback and the Chair 7 Ski School Area. The Valley Ski School Area will be open to the public on November 19th. At the Basin our snowmaking crew is working on Tempest in the terrain park. Chair 2 is now open and offers more beginner terrain for the beginner skiers and riders. If the snow keeps falling, Chair 4, Chair 8, South Chutes and the Steeps will be right around the corner. Keep checking back for updates.


Conditions are great here at Loveland Ski Area!  Our Snowmaking & Trail Main Crew are working hard to get more trails open.  Right now we're working on the Valley (Chair 3 & 7) and Chair 2.  We're also working on trying to get the park moved to Tempest.  Keep checking back for updates.


Mother Nature sure gave our snowmakers a helping hand by delivering nearly 3 feet of natural snow since this weekend!  With this much snow more terrain has been opening on nearly a daily basis.  We are excited to announce that on Friday, October 29th Chair 6 will open offering access to Keno, Blackjack, Roulette, Straight Flush, and Royal Flush.  In addition to Chair 6 Nix Nox, Spillway, and Lower Richards will also be open bringing the total amount of runs open to 16.  Needless to say conditions are amazing.  Just check out the picture below taken on Wednesday the 27th.


Thanks to everyone who came out for Opening Day!  Our snowmaking crew will move snowmaking operations to Spillway and Lower Richards.  Keep checking back for updates.  Check out the video from Opening Day 2010/2011!


Today is Opening Day 2010/2011 at Loveland Ski Area! Loveland Ski Area is the first ski area to open in Colorado.  Check back for Opening Day photos/videos.  Chair 1 starts at 9am!  Hope to see you on the mountain.


For the second season in a row, Loveland Ski Area is the first ski area to open in Colorado. Chair 1 will turn for the first time of the new season tomorrow, Sunday, October 24th at 9:00am.

"We had to wait out some warm weather which delayed Opening Day a little bit this year," said Rob Goodell, Director of Business Operations. "But the good news is we will be skiing tomorrow on some really good snow. Our snowmaking team did a great job battling the warm weather and once again we are very proud to offer the first turns of the season."

Loveland will offer lift served access to one top-to-bottom run. Skiers and riders will drop one thousand vertical feet in a little over a mile via the trails Catwalk, Mambo and Homerun.

"It took a little longer than last year, but I think everyone is going to be pleased with the conditions" said Eric Johnstone, Snowmaking and Trail Maintenance Manager. "We got 5 inches of snow last night which is a nice compliment to the snow we were able to make. It is still snowing hard now and opening day could be a powder day if this keeps up."

Loveland Ski Area will open at 9:00am on Sunday, October 24th. Loveland's will be open from 9:00am until 4:00pm Monday through Friday and 8:30am until 4:00pm on weekends and designated holidays. Early season lift tickets are $47 for adults and $22 for children ages 6-14.

Loveland Ski Area season passes are now on sale and all Loveland season passes come with 3 FREE days at Monarch Mountain, 3 FREE days at Purgatory and one FREE day of unguided skiing at Silverton Mountain. Unrestricted 4-Paks are available online for just $119($29.75/day) at through November 21, 2010.



The snowguns were only on from 6am-8am due to warm temps.  We won't be opening Saturday.  Please check back tomorrow for an update.


The lower section of Home Run and the lift maze snowmaking process is coming along.  We made a lot of progress last night.  You should hear some opening day news soon.  Keep checking back for updates! Opening Day TBA


The Loveland Snowmaking crew moved a bunch of the guns down the mountian so they could focus on the lower section of Home Run.  The snowguns were on from 6pm-10am. Keep checking back for updates.  Opening Day TBA.


Our snowmakers turned the snowguns on at 3am last night.  They are working hard on the final section of Home Run.  We're hoping to have Opening Day news soon.  Keep checking back for updates.  Opening Day TBA.


Loveland Ski Area turned the snowcats on today. Snowmaking Manager Eric Johnstone and Sean Stauffer pushed the piles of snow around. Things are looking good. We're hoping for cool temps and long days of snowmaking this week. We're on the final stretch!


Shot some video & photos of the snowguns blowing snow at night.  The pics & video were taken after midnight.  Things are looking good on Catwalk, Mambo and Homerun.  Our snowmakers are working hard day & night.  No date has been set for Opening Day.  Keep checking back for updates.



Snowmaking was a GO last night!  Our snowmakers turned the guns off around 9:30am.  We made it up just before they turned everything off for the day.  The snowmaking crew is hoping to make snow Thurs/Fri/Sat/Sun night.


It was too warm and too wet to make snow last night. "We should be able to make snow tonight" said Eric Johnstone, Snowmaking & Trail Maintenance Manager. Mother Nature did help us out with some natural snow. The snow is still coming down hard! Check out the photo of the clock tower (8:49am).


Our snowmakers had a good full weekend of snowmaking here at Loveland Ski Area. Things are coming along and we're hoping to keep the guns blowing all week! Keep checking back for updates!


Temperatures dropped and the guns went back on! We're hoping we can keep the guns going strong every night.  We'll have a ton of footage once our snowmakers get a few days of snowmaking in.  Keep checking back for updates!



Warm temps still have our snowmaking crew on hold.  Don’t worry though….cold temps are here again and we are hopeful that we can get started again tonight or tomorrow.  Better yet, looks like the cold temps are here to stay!  Check back for more updates and pics. 

Where did the cool temps go? Our snowmakers have been on standby waiting for the cooler temps to come back to Loveland Ski Area.  "We're hoping to get the guns fired up this weekend," said Eric Johnstone, Snowmaking & Trail Maintenance Manager.  Keep checking back for updates.


Mother Nature covered Loveland Ski Area with the first snow of the season yesterday. Not to be outdone, the Loveland Ski Area snowmaking crew took advantage of the cold temperatures last night and complimented the natural snowfall with a few man made flakes of their own.
"We have been eager to get things started," said Eric Johnstone, Snowmaking & Trail Maintenance Manager. "When the humidity dropped last night, we were able to fire up the guns and put some snow on the ground."
Loveland Ski Area's snowmaking crews started making snow around 4:00am this morning. They are making snow on the trails Catwalk, Mambo and Homerun for Opening Day 2010.




Hello from the Land of Love!

Our snowmakers are looking for low temps and low humidity. They are specifically watching the wet bulb temperature which is derived from the ambient temperature and the relative humidity. They are looking for a wet bulb temp of between 27.5-28 degrees Farenheit to get started. Google “wet bulb” and you can pull up some websites with good info if you want to learn more about it.

They spend a lot of time watching forecasts and trying to anticipate weather trends to make sure the cool temps are here to stay once they start. Unfortunately, sometimes it warms up after we start forcing us to hold off until temps cool down again. Our countdown ended on Monday, but a bit of a warm front moved in so we won’t be able to get started until things cool off a bit more.

Currently there are 32 snow guns placed on the hill but we will start with around 20 of them once the temps drop. Check back for more info….we will keep posting it throughout the process. And let us know if you have questions. The mountain will be covered in white soon!

Snowmaking operations on hold due to warm temps. Think snow and cooler temps! Our snowmaking crew hooked up all the hoses and made sure the guns are ready.  Now we play the waiting game. Stay tuned for updates.



Loveland snowmaking is right around the corner! The forecast is calling for warm temperatures the next few days. Once we get consistent low temperatures at night, we'll fire up the snow guns!  The countdown on our homepage is the date we started the guns last season.  The countdown is only a goal, not a set date.  Keep checking for snowmaking updates.



Stay up to date with all the snowmaking operations!

Snowmaking coming soon!