Late Season

Hours, Pricing, Scheduling Info.


May 8, 2011 will be the last day of the 2010/2011 season.

Weekdays 9:00 am to 4:00 PM and weekends/holidays 8:30 am to 4:00 PM.


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Loveland Valley will close for the season on April 3, 2011.  All facilities (Rental Shop, Restaurant, Sport Shop, Restrooms) will be shut down for the season.  Chair #7 and the Magic Carpet will be closed for the season to the public but open for the Loveland Ski & Ride School. Ski school will be open but operating out of Loveland Basin.


Loveland Ski School will be open through closing day.  Loveland Ski School will be operating out of LovelandBasin.  Please register at the Loveland Basin Ski School kiosk desk.

  • Chair 7 is now closed mid-week. Chair 7 will open again for Sat. & Sun., 4/16 & 4/17. Beginning Mon., 4/18, Chair 7 closes for the remainder of the season.
  • Magic Carpet will continue to run daily till 5/8/2011
  • Adult Master the Mountain & Advanced Skills lessons, (Levels 2 through 9) will be offered on a private lesson only basis for both skiing & snowboarding.
  • Adult Newcomer lessons will be available as half-day only at 10:00am & 1:00pm. No full-day Newcomer Adult lessons will be available. The $40 Newcomer upgrade can be sold to any morning Newcomers that want to continue with the afternoon session. This applies to both skiing & snowboarding.
  • There is no extra person charge for Adult or Kids Private Lessons.
  • All Kid’s 6-14 & 4-5 year old class lessons remain the same with no change in pricing or operations for either skiers or snowboarders. (Supervisors will pay special attention to providing small class sizes at the wedge & wedge turning levels for skiers as well as Levels 2 & 3 snowboarders.)
  • The Adult Private Discount Lift Ticket Special  to be packaged with Adult Private Lessons is $25.00
  • The Adult Private Discount Rental Special is $21.00 for snowboards & $16.00 for skis.
  • We will still honor Adult 3-class products by applying the 3-class pass amount toward the Private Lesson price.


Children’s Ski & Ride School

Skiers ages 4&5 - Full-Day Lesson, lift ticket, lunch, rental -     $109

Skiers & Snowboarders ages 6-14 - Full-Day Lesson, lift ticket & lunch -               $94

                                                   - Full-Day Lesson, lift ticket, lunch & rental -   $99



Adult Ski & Ride School

NEWCOMERS PACKAGE-First Time Only, Ski or Snowboard:

  • Full-day lesson only -                                                                              $79
  • Full-day lesson, full-day beginner lift ticket -                                           $95
  • Full-day lesson,full-day beginer lift ticket & equipment rental -                 $105

*Full-day lessons are strongly recomended for first timers. Half-day lessons are also available.


MASTER THE MOUNTAIN - Levels 2-6, Ski or Snowboard:

  • Half-day lesson only -                                                                              $49
  • Half-day lesson, full-day all mountain lift ticket -                                      $80
  • Half-day lesson, full-day all mountain lift ticket and equipment rental -      $90

ADVANCED SKILLS - Levels 7+, Ski or Snowboard

These classes are taught specificly for advanced, adult skiers or riders by our elite, PSIA/AASI certified staff members at Loveland Basin. These small focused classes work on improving your skills & style on technical terrain. Meets daily at 1:00pm at Loveland Basin. Please register by 12:15pm at the Loveland Basin Ski & Ride School Kiosk located in the main lodge.

  • Half-day lesson only -                                                                             $49
  • Half-day lesson and all mountain lift ticket-                                             $90