Due to a number of on-mountain projects, uphill access is CLOSED for the season. Thank you for your cooperation.



Uphill Access Policy

UPDATE: Due to a number of on-mountain projects, uphill access is CLOSED for the season. Uphill routes will open again next season after snowmaking operations have been completed. Thank you for your cooperation.

Winch Cat Operations (blue flashing light)

Uphill users should stay well away from groomers in general but especially winch cat-grooming activities. When winch cat operations are anticipated or underway, a blue flashing light will be activated on the trail map board at the bottom of Chair Two (2) located immediately west of the ticket office in the Loveland Basin base area. Winch cats can be identified with their blue flashing lights on the top of the cab. The cable when in use is difficult if not impossible to see in between banners and flashing lights. For your safety stay clear of all winch cat operations. Any trail where winch cat operations are being conducted should be considered CLOSED.

Snow Safety Activities (amber flashing light)

Avalanche mitigation activities can take place at any time deemed to be necessary during the winter operating season and can occur from early morning to late in the day. An amber flashing light will be activated on the trail map at the bottom of Chair Two (2) immediately west of the ticket office in the Loveland Basin base area when Avalanche mitigation is in progress if Route B is effected. In addition, uphill route “B” (see description below) may be closed when snow safety work is being conducted.

Uphill Access Routes

There are two designated routes for uphill users.  View the Map.

1. Route A goes to the top of Chair Two (2) via the following trails Home Run, Tango Road to A/B Split at Creek Trail intersection. Turn left up Turtle Creek to North Turtle Creek to Fire Bowl, continue to top of Lift Two.
2. Route B goes up Creek Trail at A/B split to Apollo and Rookie Road to top of Chair Nine (9).

There are two signs indicating if either Route A or B or both are closed for operational reasons. The signs are located on the trail map sign below the bottom of Chair Two (2) and at the A/B split at the Turtle Creek / Lower Creek Trail intersection. In addition, you can access the Loveland Ski Area website under Uphill Access for general information.

Reflective Materials, Headlamps, and Whistles

It is strongly recommended that all Uphill Access users utilize reflective materials on ski poles, clothing, and/or packs to heighten visibility. In addition to headlamps, flashing lights such as those commonly used on bicycles make it easier for other users as well as ski area personnel to see you and your party in the dark. Lastly, a whistle can be beneficial if the need arises to send an audible warning or signal.

Uphill Skiers / Riders

Uphill access users are considered “skiers” under the Colorado Ski Safety Act and as such are required to adhere to and obey all posted information and to be aware of trail closures and other operational considerations. Be especially aware of other skiers and riders approaching from above. Snowmobiles, snow cats, snowmaking hoses and equipment may be encountered at any time. Skiing or riding that occurs outside of daylight hours calls for greater caution if descending on a trail other than the ascent route. It is recommended that a groomed route be taken on the descent. No ski patrol services are available outside of normal operating hours. Uphill users are prohibited from entering closed terrain at any time. It is the user's responsibility to know what terrain is closed. Please direct any questions regarding closed trails or terrain to the ski patrol 303-571-5580 at ext. 134 during normal business hours or visit http://www.skiloveland.com/themountain/reports/runstats.aspx. Terrain parks are not to be accessed and are to be considered closed outside of normal operations.


Dogs under voice command are allowed before and after opening hours at Loveland Basin. Please cleanup after your dog and dispose of bags. Dogs are not allowed at Loveland Valley on the permitted uphill route to race finish on Twist.

Loveland Valley Uphill Access

Is prohibited except for viewing access to race finish on Twist. From base of Chair Three (3), proceed up ascending right side (west) of Switchback Trail. Continue along rope line under lift past tower 4 and onto race finish on Twist. Return same route. No card necessary.